Handley House is the parent company overseeing two leading international design teams. Bringing together technical knowledge, expertise and creative talent, the company operates across a range of disciplines in diverse markets, from design solutions for the built environment, to wayfinding and graphic design.

An interconnected global network of studios, we co-create across sectors and time-zones. Sharing common values and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are united by a passion for design.

We are open, considered, and innovative in our work. It is an approach underpinned by over seven decades of success delivering award-winning destinations. As we continue to expand globally, we remain focused on generating revenue and creating sustainable value through commercially viable creative solutions.


“Our name comes from one of our earliest office buildings in Nottinghamshire, where our story began over 70 years ago. While it is a poignant nod to our creative and commercial heritage, we are future-focused, committed to global and sectoral expansion as we strive to create the leading international design group of the twenty first century. Within Handley House, Benoy and Holmes Wood operate independently but when needed, come together to provide collaborative design solutions for clients.”

Graham Cartledge, CBE


Benoy is a global family of design specialists committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment. Balancing creative vision with commercial viability, Benoy works with clients to create iconic destinations that strengthen communities and deliver lasting economic value.

Unconstrained by sectors or building formats, Benoy’s people focus on agile, flexible and experiential design. Using ‘creative commerciality’ to solve problems and unlock potential, they believe that when design solutions are culturally relevant, human-centric and sustainable, they enhance social wellbeing and stimulate economic prosperity.

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Holmes Wood

Founded in 2000, Holmes Wood is a leading UK design company specialising in wayfinding, sign, and graphic design solutions. The dynamic team brings together key skills and specialist knowledge, combining project management with creative expertise, value engineering and environmental placemaking.

The company has won numerous awards, including a DBA Gold Design Effectiveness Award, Folio Gold and Excel Gold Awards from eg Magazine, a European Design Award (Bronze), IIID Awards (Bronze, Silver), and an SEGD Honor Award for various wayfinding projects.

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The Benoy Foundation

The Benoy Foundation is a charitable trust founded in recognition of the Group’s contribution to the built environment over many decades.

The Foundation makes grants to complementary charities and institutions. Its mission is to support and work in partnership with charitable organisations to play a fuller role in communities throughout the UK and abroad, with a core focus on housing, sustainable development, community building, education and training.

Through the projects it supports and the partnerships it builds, it aims to help improve the world, enhance lives, and deepen the connections between people.