“Handley House is the parent company overseeing Benoy, Holmes Wood and Uncommon Land. Bringing together creative talent, technical knowledge and expertise, the company operates across a range of disciplines in diverse markets, from design solutions for the built environment, to wayfinding, graphic design and landscape. Within the group, these businesses operate independently but when needed, come together to provide global collaborative design.”

“Our name comes from one of our earliest office buildings in Nottinghamshire, where our story began over 70 years ago. While it is a poignant nod to our creative and commercial heritage, we are future-focused and driven to be the leading international design group of the twenty first century.”

Graham Cartledge, CBE


Benoy is a global family of design experts specialising in architecture, masterplanning and interior design. Balancing creative vision with commercial viability, Benoy works with clients to create iconic destinations that strengthen communities and deliver lasting economic value.

Unconstrained by sectors or building formats, Benoy’s people focus on agile, flexible and experiential design. Using ‘creative commerciality’ to solve problems and unlock potential, they believe that when design solutions are culturally relevant, human-centric and sustainable, they enhance social wellbeing and stimulate economic prosperity.

Holmes Wood

Holmes Wood is the leading design company specialising in the creation of beautiful and effective design solutions that help people navigate and experience the world around them.

Blending aesthetics and function, the multi-disciplinary team combine their unique skills and commercial knowhow to produce award winning wayfinding, placemaking, information design, exhibition design, branded environments and motion graphics, to name but a few.

Uncommon Land

Uncommon Land

Uncommon Land design contemporary external spaces in tune with their site and adjacent architecture. They aim to bring a natural and sustainable beauty to the built environment which allows environmental and social processes to underpin a robust landscape solution.

The team have designed a diverse portfolio of public realm, landscape, garden and installation projects in the UK and around the world, telling the story of places through memorable, greener and sustainable environments.

Handley House Works

Handley House Works is a collaborative venture where design for people and place comes together. Its mission is to improve the world through creativity and innovation.

Drawing on the broad knowledge and expertise from Handley House as well as external experts and clients, this initiative brings together business, research and design to facilitate leading-edge thinking and deliver change.

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